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Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association communicates about its actions as well as the activities of the partner cities and organizations through several channels:
  • e-newsletter sent out 4-5 times a year to over 3000 recipients. The newsletter is also published on the website of the Centrum Balticum reaching wide audience from all around Baltic Sea Region (www.centrumbalticum.org),
  • presentation, speeches and lectures on the local, regional and international conferences. The topics of those events are not limited to health only (i.e. conferences on sustainable development, Baltic Sea Region, social and environmental issues). The full list of the events that Association participates in is listed in the Annual Plans.
  • regular posts on social and health innovations in the Innokylä blog (www.innokyla.fi, in Finnish),
  • writing the articles about Healthy Cities themes to the local and national newspapers,
  • promotion of WHO special events, e.g. World Health Day, World Cancer Day
  • organization of the own events, e.g. seminar on youth on the occasion of 15 years of the Association.

Cooperation with neighbor organizations from Baltic Sea House in Turku continues in common seminars and activities.
You can read more about the Baltic Sea House cooperation here.

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