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The membership in the Health-Enhancing Physical Activity Network (WHO/HEPA Europe) offers the Association, as an addition to the Healthy Cities networks, a wider perspective and new sources of information. It is a possibility to receive up-to-date scientific information to be shared with the cities as well as offer platform to the experiences of the cities.

In practise the Association offers through the HEPA network, the UBC Commission on Sport and TAFISA - The Association for International Sport for All a legitimate opportunity and arenas for the Healthy Cities and national networks to present and disseminate their best practises and experiences of promoting physical activity/active living. The Association acts as an intermediate organisation and has at the same time a possibility to collect more comprehensive information for the Baltic Profile.

The experts from the cities are invited to present the practises and experiences in the meetings. The Association acts as an active communication channel to provide information of the possibilities and finding “right people to right place”. The precondition to realise the activity is, firstly, to collect actively the information and negotiate with the cities/project who, when and how they can participate in the activity.

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