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Phase V (2009-2013) of the Healthy Cities has focused on the three core themes:
1. Creating caring and supportive environments
2. Healthy Living
3. Healthy Urban Environment & Design

These three themes are divided under several topics subthemes for cities to decide where to concentrate.

The Association supports the Healthy Cities in their work on the chosen themes and itself focuses on the projects which promote health equity, aim at decreasing health inequalities, raise the health literacy among elderly and develop the health enhancing physical activities in the municipalities.

Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association also promotes Health 2020- policy framework and strategy.
Health 2020 is a new European policy for health developed by WHO Regional Office for Europe together with national governments and municipalities, which will be adopted in September 2012. Its purpose is to strengthen health systems, engage the public and a range of health actors, and develop coherent and evidence-based policies and governance solutions.

Health 2020 documents collect key evidence, arguments and areas for policy action, as well as informative contextual analysis of health ‘’drivers’’ and trends for public health interventions. Studies on social determinants, economics and prevention as well as intersectoral governance for health in all policies were commissioned in order to give the Health 2020 strong foundations. The principles of Health 2020 are in line with the philosophy of Healthy Cities.

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