Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association
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The members of the Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association are the City of Turku, the University of Turku, the Åbo Akademi University and the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. The member organisations of the Association provide expert services to support the goals of the Healthy Cities activities in the Baltic Region.

The City of Turku was the first Finnish city to join the European Healthy Cities network in 1987. Nationally Turku is renowned of its good practices in health promotion, especially in promoting physical activity. Turku has 175.000 inhabitants and is the oldest city in Finland, founded in 1224. Turku was the European Capital of Culture in 2011 .

The University of Turku founded in 1920, is an internationally distinguished multidisciplinary scientific university. The university has seven faculties of which the largest are the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Åbo Akademi University is a Swedish language university with four faculties at campuses in Turku and in Vaasa. Research and teaching activities may be found in humanities, natural sciences, political sciences, chemical engineering, business and administration, theology, education and teachers training as well as social and caring sciences.

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, known by its Finnish acronym as Kela, manages basic social security for all residents in Finland in their various life situations. Kela has a comprehensive network of service points ensuring access to Kela services even in sparsely populated areas. The research department undertakes research and development projects focusing on the social security and health provision of the Finnish population.
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