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The Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association based in Turku, Finland, aims at increasing awareness of the local governments to take health as a central part in the decision making process in the cities belonging to the WHO Healthy Cities Networks.

This is achieved by facilitating and participating in projects, organizing training and seminars on topics associated with Healthy Cities core themes. Benchmarking between the network cities is promoted and new cities, networks and projects invited in the WHO related programmes.

Dr Agis Tsouros, Director of the Division of Policy and Governance for Health and Well-being at WHO European Office, says:
,,At its heart, the Healthy Cities movement is about creating the urban conditions that will allow all a city’s residents to live long and healthy lives and achieve their maximum potential’’.

The Association’s role is to promote this ideology and facilitate the governance processes in the European Healthy Cities.

To read more about our activities, please visit the News

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