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Practical implementation of Health in All Policies in the municipalities for better health for all in the Baltic Sea Region

Baltic Sea Region Programme seed money project, September 2017 – August 2018






Focused on the delivery of three outcomes:

  • Report on the state of play,
  • Plan for the main project,
  • Report on funding opportunities;

Project Partners:

  • Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association (Lead Partner)
  • Pärnu City Government
  • Klaipeda's city public health bureau
  • Riga City Council
  • Jelgava Local Municipality
  • City of Turku
  • Norwegian Healthy Cities Network
  • Västerbotten County Council

Overall goal: to examine the current situation in the field of implementation of Health in All Policies on the local level, i.e. in the city and municipality administrations.

Specific goals:

  1. to identify the gaps in the implementation of Health in All Policies in BSR countries
  2. to define the barriers (administrative, economical, mental, other) for implementation of the Health in All Policies on the local level,
  3. to specify the needs of the health managers and managers of other sectors of city administration (target group of the main project) in regard to the cross-sectoral work for health (capacities, resources, other),
  4. to find out the examples of good practices in the field that could serve as an inspiration and learning for the partners and when planning a main project,
  5. to examine other projects realized on this topic in Baltic Sea Region with the special attention to their results and recommendations.



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