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Baltic Cities tackle lifestyle related diseases

As the practice show, the current prevention measures are often ineffective, since the methods are not tailored to specific user needs. In BaltCityPrevention 15 partners from 7 countries will test a more participatory and user-oriented approach to develop and implement prevention and health promotion interventions.

New technologies will be employed in the planning procedures and also as innovative tools for prevention purposes. The participation of the users and the co-creation process are key elements of this new intervention model. The prevention interventions are offered by public health authorities (e.g. health care and social departments in municipalities) and address people with different health issues.


  • To strengthen the institutional capacity of Public Health Authorities in the seven participating countries by identifying their needs and requirements to better tailor interventions to specific user groups,
  • To apply a participatory and user-driven approach in prevention intervention planning with the involvement of modern technologies in the planning cycle and in the interventions,
  • To implement and test the approach and the whole planning cycle in different pilot sites,
  • To foster the cooperation between Public Health Authorities and companies from eHealth sector.
Duration: 1 October 2017 - 30 September 2020
Budget: 2.705.000 EUR with the co-financing from the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.
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