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The Association and Baltic Sea Region University Network (BSRUN) organised the first joint meeting on Health Profiling, Healthy Ageing and Health Impact Assessment in June 2006 in Kaunas, Lithuania. It gathered together people from both networks: the Healthy City co-ordinators, experts and other interested representatives from the cities and universities. The topics of the meeting were related to the WHO Healthy Cities themes. Based on the experiences and needs raised in the meeting, it was decided continue the co-operation and to organise the next joint meeting on Healthy Ageing in 2007.  

The goals of the collaboration between the cities and the universities are to combine the experiences and expertise of Healthy Cities and universities on the theme of Healthy Ageing. The conference is a good opportunity to explore synergies and develop more collaboration around:
- multidisciplinary work in health promotion and development
- models and indicators to support the decision making process
- comparative health and well-being information across the Baltic Sea Region
- fields of common interest for the future collaboration

In 2007 a conference will be organised targeted to the representatives of the Healthy Cities, Baltic Sea Region University Network and Healthy Ageing sub-network. The conference is organised in co-operation with the Collaborating Centre, BSRUN, WHO Healthy Ageing sub-network and the City of Pärnu. It will take place on April 25-27 in Pärnu, Estonia.

Based on the experiences, ideas and contacts gained during the meeting a new project on Healthy Ageing –theme will be develop. Project funding will be applied during the years 2007 and 2008.  The continuation and follow-up of the seminar is realised in publications and/or articles by the participants. The coordinators will receive information and ideas, how to develop the theme in their cities.  

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