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The goal of the activity capacity building activities conducted by the Association is to enhance the capacity of decision-makers to put health as a core of the decision making of the cities. This is done by organising conferences, offering tools as well as disseminating and collecting the best practices from the network cities.

WHO Healthy Cities approach values the importance of health and wellbeing in the decision making and activities of cities. It seeks to build a strong local level movement for public health. Healthy Cities has been running in Europe since 1987.The city health development plan (CHDP) seeks to put health to the political agenda and embed health as a part of all activities in a city.

Within the Healthy Cities project there has been developed several tools to support this work, for example Health Profiles and Health Impact Assessment (HIA). Those tools are crucial in creating the City Health Development Plan and are fundaments for every Healthy City. Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association promotes the tools, and supports the learning process of the city administrators and local decision makers about the planning for health, priorities and challenges of public health in the municipalities, cross-sectoral work and strategic planning.


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