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In 2006 Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association published a book "Active living in Turku - Promoting Health by Means of Physical Activity". Even if 7 years have passed since the book was issued, it is still a valuable handbook for those work with cross-sectoral planning for sport and physical activities in their cities. We still have some copies of the book left and it can be ordered by contacting Baltic Region Healthy Cities Office. Contact infromation can be found in the end of this page.

Active living in Turku - Promoting Health by Means of Physical Activity edited by Niina Helander and Satu Revonsuo.

The successful health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) practises from the City of Turku (Finland) are gathered into one package.

The City of Turku is a forerunner - in Finland and Europe - of developing physical activity services for the citizens. Active Living in Turku book is based on almost fifteen years of experience in citizen-driven HEPA promotion. It presents efforts fuelled by a desire to improve the well-being of all inhabitants of the city.

New approaches and rapid reacting to the possibilities of physical activity as a health-promoting factor of all population groups has secured the city a reputation as a pioneer of Active Living. Turku's journey of becoming an expert in HEPA includes the choices that supported success and the numerous HEPA products encouraging thousands of citizens towards an active lifestyle.

According to the experiences of Turku it is essential to develop a long-term strategy and management in physical activity promotion. The multi-sectoral collaboration at the city level as well as the innovative and enthusiastic solutions to find the sedentary people are crucial for success. The publication contains the best practices of Turku and the successful HEPA products presented as a kind of cook-book: what are the necessary preparations, which ingredients should be combined for best results, and how does a successful result looks like. Also comments and thoughts of the citizens: children, working-aged and ageing population are included. The good examples are adaptable also elsewhere.

Publisher Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association, a WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities and Urban Health in the Baltic Sea Region
Printed 2006, Eura
Pages 122
ISBN 952-92-0995-9
Language English

How to order?
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