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Visual artist and landscape architect, Alice Baillaud, has been realising her project ‘’Life Cycle’’ in Turku Kaskenlinna hospital. Alice won the competition for the design of the main entrance for the geriatric hospital and her project is under realization since the beginning of September.

The competition was organized by Art Dans La Cite - the French association which purpose is to bring visual arts to the hospitals and City of Turku and is one of Turku’s efforts to bring together art and well-being and to create the healthy and caring living environment.

Urban environment is one of the determinants of health and involving residents into urban planning is now recognized to be important, says Jaana Salasvuo, Researcher of City of Turku. Often people who are not the strongest in the society, have very valuable comments about the environment in which they live, she adds.

Alice Baillaud came to Turku first time at the beginning of September in order to meet the patients of the hospital and draw their shadowed silhouettes, which as the figures will be the central part of the proposed installation. I propose an installation with the connection with the life cycle and its three ages (childhood, adulthood, elderly). Three figures will be created and inserted in a simple green setting, says the artist.

The project which involves the patients of the hospital was very warmly welcomed. I am surprised how open people are and how eager to be part of this installation. There were more patients interested to participate than I can include, continues Ms. Baillaud. Her goal is to create the work that integrates not only the landscape context but follows the seasons, changes according the day time or night time and which grows with the years – the living project. This is why the proper lighting must be installed and particular grasses and trees must be planted.

The project will be realized until the middle of October 2012.

Work in progress

Alice Baillaud is a landscape architect graduate of the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Paysage de Versailles. She currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
More about Allice Baillaud and her work Life Cycle at
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