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‘’Volunteering and Community service – How to do it?’’ is the newest project of the Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic (HCCZ) which focuses on the contribution of the volunteer and civil service (performed by unemployed) to the development of municipality, community and individuals. The two-year project is conducted in the partnership with the Hestia – National Voluntary Centre in Czech Republic, C.A.R.D.O. – organization for volunteering development in Slovakia and abroad and Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association.

Volunteering is an old and proved concept, hopefully regaining its popularity also in the Central Europe – and not only among young people, but also among elderly and those who are unemployed. How to motivate the volunteers and how to connect the volunteers to the work of the municipalities is a big challenge, that is why we decided to work on this topic together with our Healthy Cities. – says Jitka Bouskova, National Network Coordinator in Czech Republic.

The kick-off meeting of the project took place on 25 – 26 February 2013 in Prague. Karolina Mackiewicz from Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association shared the Finnish examples: among others the voluntary work of the Finnish Red Cross or the involvement of young people in the preparation of Medieval Market – an annual cultural event organized by City of Turku.

During the meeting the partners discussed how the potential of voluntary work and civil service can be developed in the close cooperation with the local authorities. The project aims at creating a specific methodology tool for municipalities, sharing best practices and activitating the communities. Several activities are planned for 2013. 

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Presentation of Karolina Mackiewicz

Kick-off meeting, Prague 24-25 February 2013, Photo: I. Hruskova

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