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Mental health and cardiovascular diseases were chosen for the themes for Healthier People project seminars in Kalininsky District of Saint Petersburg on 5 - 6 November. Experts from Russia and Finland gathered to develop the district’s strategic intervention plan.

Service director of City of Vantaa, adjunct professor Lauri Kuosmanen held a presentation on mental health system and prevention of suicides in Finland. There has been a big shift in attitudes and it is now possible to talk about mental health issues, said Mr Kuosmanen.

Many mental patients benefit from group meetings. Lauri Kuosmanen commented that new tools can also be used in the mental health support, including internet. There are regulations about how the press should report on suicides. For example, there should always be the help number published. Key issues are encouraging more belief, enthusiasm and self-assurance. Young people should be helped by creating opportunities for coping with life and having rewarding experiences. Enhancing social and psychological support is important as well as promoting mutual and professional help in life crises.

In Russia more suicides are committed on weekends and before, during or just after big holidays. For many young people a quarrel with parents was an impulse for committing a suicide. Alcohol is connected to most cases.

The need for closer and more strategic cross-sectoral work was highlighted in the discussions. Young people should be helped to cope with stress in life.

At the second seminar, held on 6 November, Director Heli Heimala of South-East District of the Finnish Heart Association talked about the work to combat cardiovascular diseases. Combined support training is organized for patients having a diagnosis in cardiovascular disease, diabetes or brain damage.


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